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Du Jiang Meets with Canadian Minister of Small Business and Tourism

2017-07-14 14:57:00 来源:CNTAIC [ ] [打印]

On July 13, CNTA vice chairman Du Jiang held a meeting with visiting Canadian Minister of Small Business and Tourism Bardish Chagger in Beijing. The two exchanged views on how to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation and make the China-Canada Tourism Year of 2018 a success.

Du first welcomed the Canadian delegation on behalf of CNTA chairman Li Jinzao. He then said, “Tourism can stimulate economic growth and plays a positive role in promoting sustainable economic and social development, enhancing mutual trust and understanding between people and consolidating bilateral relations. China and Canada are each other’s important tourist source and destination. Recent years have seen ever-growing two-way visits between us. In 2016, the number of mutual visits exceeded 1.4 million. Hosting the China-Canada Tourism Year of 2018 will be a milestone in our bilateral tourism cooperation and exchange history. I suggest we start the preparatory work as soon as possible, including activity arrangements and labor division, etc., and take this opportunity to elevate our tourism cooperation to a new high.”

Ms. Chagger said her government highly valued tourism cooperation with China and admired the progress Chinese tourism industry had made. She added, “Hosting the tourism year is a consensus reached by state heads of the two countries and will mean a lot for driving our bilateral cooperation and exchange. We are looking forward to it and would like to work with our Chinese counterparts in ensuring the success of all the activities under the tourism year program.”

Also present at the meeting were senior officials from CNTA Tourism Promotion and International Liaison Department, Destination Canada and the Canadian embassy in China.


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