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Du Jiang Meets with Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Muhamediuly

2017-04-20 14:05:00 来源:CNTAIC [ ] [打印]

On April 19, during his stay in Almaty for the 17th Kazakhstan International Tourism Fair (KITF), CNTA vice chairman Du Jiang held a meeting with Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Muhamediuly. The two exchanged views on how to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation through the China Tourism Year campaign.

Du first remembered chairman Li Jinzao to minister Muhamediuly and thanked the Kazakh government for supporting the China Tourism Year campaign. He pointed out that: Tourism exchange is an important way to consolidate our bilateral friendship. China would like to share opportunities in China’s outbound tourism market with Kazakhstan and welcome more Kazakh tourists to visit China. He also mentioned that CNTA planned to set up an office in Astana to deepen China’s tourism cooperation with Central Asia, and looked forward to the support from the Kazakh government.

Mr. Muhamediuly thanked China for long-term support and help for their tourism industry. He said that his government highly valued the Chinese tourism market and would spare no efforts in driving the sustained growth of two-way tourism exchange between them. He promised generous support for the opening of CNTA office in Kazakhstan for he believed that it would not only greatly boost bilateral tourism exchange but also facilitate tourism cooperation between China and Central Asia, good for both bilateral and multilateral tourism cooperation along the Silk Road.

Also present at the meeting were senior officials from CNTA Department of Tourism Promotion and International Liaison and the Tourism Commission of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture and Sports.


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