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CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao Meets with Philippines Tourism Minister Teo

2017-03-17 16:12:00 来源:CNTAIC [ ] [打印]

On March 16 (local time), CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao attending the opening ceremony of the China-ASEAN tourism cooperation year held working talks with Philippines Tourism Minister Wanda Corazon Teo. They exchanged in-depth views on further strengthening the China-Philippines cooperation in tourism. CNTA Vice Chairman Du Jiang also attended the meeting.

Li expressed thanks to the Philippine side for its great efforts for the preparation of the opening ceremony of the China-ASEAN tourism cooperation year. When President Duterte visited China at the end of last year, the leaders of the two sides witnessed the signing of the implementation plan of the memorandum of understanding on tourism cooperation, marking a new era for the China-Philippines tourism cooperation. By taking the opportunity of holding the tourism cooperation year, both sides will jointly make efforts to keep expanding the tourism exchanges and to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the two people.

Teo congratulated on the advent of the China-ASEAN tourism cooperation year. The Philippines has given high priority to the development of the Philippines-China tourism cooperation, and is willing to cooperate with China to make visa procedure easier and improve the tourism infrastructure, so as to create a more comfortable and convenient environment for China’s tourists to the Philippines, Teo said.

Both sides exchanged views and reached an agreement on the cooperation in tourism supervision and management, the promotion of civilized tourism, and the sharing of tourism exchange data.

Also attending the meeting were heads of CNTA’s related departments and related staff members of Philippines Tourism Ministry.


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